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After 50 years of experience in the metalworking industry, through their participation in Cimet-Sindelen, Ipac, Hunter Douglas, and Veneval, the Montanari Mazzarelli brothers perceived a far more promising future in Chile’s food industry, especially when compared to its pairs.

This is why in 1987, they create the Inversiones y Tecnología Limitada (Investments & Technology Company) holding, a company that aimed to develop such potential in the food industry, incorporating technology and added values. Invertec Pesquera Mar de Chiloé S.A was created under this holding—which was set to make the most out of Chile’s oceanic potential.

Invertec Pesquera Mar de Chiloé S.A initiated its activities in 1988, having as its first priority to produce, elaborate and develop salmon based products, which would finally reach individual consumers.

Due to this, the company focuses in massive distribution channels such as supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. The challenge of elaborating a high quality product with added value made it imperative to vertically integrate into the entire salmon production and merchandising chain. Had not been for this, increasing the production volume from 30 tons in 1990 to the current levels would have been extremely demanding.