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Investment and Financing Policies


The company will invest according to its corporate purpose, activities and missions described in the respective statutes, when or to the degree or measure necessary to maintain or increase its operations and interests.

One the one hand, Invertec Pesquera Mar de Chiloé S.A.'s investment policy is based on having the facilities necessary to maintain current production volumes and to increase these in accordance with the demand of its clients; and, additionally, to incorporate and maintain the latest technology standards for the industry so as to increase our quality standards and decrease our production costs.

Investment plans will be approved annually by the Board along with the rest of the company's budgets. The maximum limit for investments will be determined by the company's ability to finance these investments both in terms of their own resources and outside resources.

On the other hand, our financing policy is based on obtaining available financial resources, without established limits, bearing in mind the company's structure, natural business cycles and debt interest rates.

Both the investment and financing policies are adjusted as necessary according to the reorganization contract.