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Directors' Committee


General Information about Annual Management and Related Information of Interest.


In 2006, the Directors’ Committee was appointed in accordance with the provisions in Article 50 of the Ley de Sociedades Anonimas (Corporations Act) and the regulations of the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS) (Securities and Insurance Supervisor). 

The Directors’ Committee shall have the powers and duties assigned to it by the law, such as to:

  1. 1. Review and make decisions about audit reports and financial statements prior to their submission to the shareholders for approval. 
  2. 2. Propose external auditors and private risk-rating agencies to the Board and the shareholders; 
  3. 3. Examine and report relevant background information about operations referred to in Articles 44 and 89 of the Ley de Sociedades Anonimas about related parties and 89 about affiliate companies; 
  4. 4. Examine pay systems and compensation plans for managers and senior management, and 
  5. 5. Other materials indicated by the bylaws or assigned to them by a general meeting of shareholders or the Board. 


Committee of Directors
Informe Anual de Gestión Comité de Directores