Our commitment with the environment does not remain in words. Throughout our history we have been actively concerned in our productive processes to generate the least impact in the ecosystem. That environment is the basis in which our main asset grows: the confidence of our consumers that our products are of the best quality.

Milestone 01

In 2008 we reached one of the first great environmental milestones of our industry: we built our first ecological fish farm In Ensenada There, our young fishes grow in a completely closed environment with deep-well waters. its continuous recirculating system allows an efficient consumption of water, through a 100% automatic process.

Milestone 02

After the severe crisis in the whole salmon industry of Chile, produced by the ISA virus, in 2009, our Company was also heavily affected. The recovery came again from our hallmark: Our respect for the environment. Thus, by 2011 we had already managed to regain our sustainable growth, harvesting 21 thousand tons of salmon.

Milestone 03

Within a complex industry, in which the extensive use of antibiotics has been criticized many times, we did the unimaginable: Have our first salmon breeding center, completely free from antibiotics. Quite a milestone to note in the national industry. This was achieved for the first time in 2018, for the cultivation of both the Atlantic and Pacific salmon. We repeated this feat again in 2019.

Milestone 04

In October and November of 2018 our Company got the important ASC certification, given by Aquaculture Strewardship Council for two of our breeding centers; Chiloé and Aysén.


The respect for the environment is only one part of Invermar’s commitment with our surroundings. The other important part is the different communities, often scattered throughout the islands and fiords of the South of Chile. It is from there, from the hundreds of small coves and villages, that our Company’s heart comes from: our employees. It is because of this that we understand that when we contribute to the welfare of the community, we are also contributing to the standard of living of each person who makes Invermar a great Company. Evidence of this is the collaboration we make every year to clean the beaches and estuaries of the areas in which we operate.