We are a human team with values and a clear identity, due to the history built since the beginning of our productive activity. From the end of the world, from Chilean Patagonia, our people have contributed with passion and commitment – and keep doing so – to the development of our community and our country.

“We contribute with quality food to the world, respecting people and the environment”.


Our Company is composed of people who work for a common purpose and our behaviors and interactions shape our identity. We strengthen our culture, which is based on ethics and mutual respect, through the way we interact daily with our colleagues, communities, suppliers, clients and investors. Our values define our behavior and who we are. Putting them into practice as a team or individually, is the basis of our corporate spirit.


The strength that moves us to the goal.


The conscious act of recognizing others and our environment.


Readiness to listen, learn and correct.


It is the result of being, feeling and doing.


Be systematic and rigorous in the doing, looking for the excellence